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eating disorders

Psychological problems

Why MHC?

The distinctive character of our treatment is directly related to the level of education and experience of our team. Take a look at our team page where you can meet the whole team.
We are able to provide 24/7 nursing if required.
MHC has a Rehab license at the Rustenburg Estate and is currently in the process of applying for a license for a psychiatric hospital.
We do not only treat addiction, but in fact the problems underneath the addiction. Our research team is working together with the University of Stellenbosch.
experienced team
The team has years of experience in treating groups and individuals with addiction and eating disorders. MHC has a treatment centre at the Rustenburg Estate started in May 2012, with patients mostly from the Netherlands. The majority of the team is South African, some of the psychologists are Dutch. Since 2014 the patients originate from the Netherlands as well as South Africa.

About us

MHC - Mental Health Care is an independent expertise & knowledge centre for specialised mental health care in the Western Cape of South Africa, with extensive experience in treatment of addictions, eating disorders, psycho trauma, attachment problems and disturbed personality development.

Most of our clinical psychologists are trained in EMDR, specialised trauma treatment of preference, according to the international guidelines of trauma treatment.

MHC is a branch from the Dutch mother company GGZ Momentum specialitische zorg, a non-profit organisation. Substantial funds are re-invested in order to improve our quality of care continuously. In the Netherlands we have built expertise for years now, on five different locations, in the field of specialised mental health care.

Our mission is to make a different kind of mental healthcare available and accessible in South Africa.

If you want to know more about our treatments or have any questions, please contact us.

Client experiences

  • 91% Would recommend us to others
  • 72% Have accomplished their personal goals for treatment
  • 75% Give our care an 8 or higher
  • 96% Feels understood by their therapists
  • 69% Are content with the way their treatment plan has been executed

Somerset West in-patient treatment centre

Rustenburg Estate is one of the oldest farms in the Western Cape The treatment centre is located just outside the small town of Somerset-West and is a 25 minute drive away from the centre of Cape Town, in close proximity to Cape Town International Airport.

The secure three hectare estate was a working farm dating back to 1692, and it has now been beautifully refurbished as a bespoke treatment facility for people that struggle with their lives and experience psychological problems

The serene and therapeutic surroundings of the estate offer unparalleled opportunities for reflection and healing.


multidisciplinary team

MHC holds a team of approximately 25 therapists and a team of 20 colleagues who support this team. Get introduced...

Treatment forms

1 High intensive Care
Clinic Somerset West

- Detox
- In-patient treatment
2 Intensive Care
Clinic Somerset West / Stellenbosch out-patient facility

- Day treatment modules
- Group and individual treatment
3 Regular Care
Stellenbosch outpatient facility

- Max 1 contact a week
- Min 1 contact each 2 weeks
4 Low intensive Care
Stellenbosch outpatient facility

- Max 1 contact each 2 weeks
- Min 1 contact each 3 months

Symposium - 'Trauma and Addiction'

1 September - Stellenbosch
MHC is pleased to announce their upcoming symposium on trauma and addiction, to be held at their new clinic in Stellenbosch. We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to attend this symposium focused upon the fields of trauma and addiction. read more...